Why TPA?

We offer excellence in our approach, focusing on the adopted individual as a whole. We understand the unique needs, challenges and barriers of adopted individuals and are positioned with the knowledge, experience, and staff of experts in the field to guide our students toward overcoming their unique challenges so that they can advance, achieve, and succeed.

  • Holistic approach uniquely geared just for adopted individuals
  • Use of methods that have proven their success over time
  • Custom-tailored therapeutic approach offered for each student
  • Focus on healing individual and family relationships with an adoption-informed perspective
  • Fully accredited: With our relationship with Alta Independent, Three Points Academy is fully accredited by the nationally recognized Northwestern Accreditation Commission through AdvancEd. Our teachers are state certified, some with Special Education certification as well.
  • Excellence of teaching staff
  • Top-of-the line facility in beautiful Southern Utah
  • 120-acre campus in Southern Utah affords healing and focus
  • Geared toward both IEP and non-IEP students
  • Students work at their own pace in a structured environment
  • Safe, supportive home-like environment
  • Transition program enabling students to practice real-life skills in order to prepare for the challenges ahead as they return home.
  • Parents are provided a portal to monitor their child’s progress on a real-time basis anytime they wish.
  • Open enrollment in which students may begin their work at any time.