Special Education

IEP Students

Student’s Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are implemented and maintained throughout each student’s stay. Teachers and therapists collaborate to assist students in reaching their stated goals and objectives. Goal progress is reported quarterly, objectives are measured as identified in the IEP, with annual assessments and testing.

Three Points Academy is able to accommodate specific reporting programs used by multiple school districts. Behavior goals are developed with therapeutic support to address the emotional needs that are preventing students from making academic gains.

Non-IEP Students

Students without current Individual Education Plans will have their academic needs assessed and a plan will be developed to help them achieve success in the classroom. In most instances, this academic plan will be coordinated in conjunction with their graduation plan from their home school. Their coursework will mirror their school of residence so that upon returning home, they can continue their academic work smoothly. For those students who wish to pursue it, TPA does provide the opportunity to work toward a Graduate Equivalency Diploma as approved by the parent/guardian.