Graduation Requirements

A total of 24 credits hours are required for graduation (see the table below). Credits may be transferred from other regionally accredited institutions, but at least six (6) credits must be completed through Alta Independent in order to receive a diploma through our high school program. Obtaining all previously completed high school course work in the form of an official transcript is the responsibility of the student.

Course List

Subject Course Name Course Code
EnglishEnglish 6LA1088
EnglishEnglish 7LA1089
EnglishEnglish 8LA1090
EnglishEnglish 9LA2064
EnglishEnglish 10LA2065
EnglishEnglish 11LA3011
EnglishEnglish 12LA1097
MathMath 6MA1098
MathMath 7MA1099
MathMath 8 (Pre-Algebra)MA1100
MathAlgebra IMA2003
MathAlgebra IIMA3111
MathFinancial MathMA2007
MathMathematical Models with ApplicationsMA4072
ScienceLife ScienceSC1112
ScienceEarth ScienceSC1113
SciencePhysical ScienceSC1114
ScienceEnvironmental ScienceSC2028
Social StudiesMS World HistorySS1105
Social StudiesMS US HistorySS1106
Social StudiesMS World Cultures and GeographySS2041
Social StudiesMS Civics, Government, and EconomicsSS2049
Social StudiesHuman GeographySS2045
Social StudiesWorld HistorySS3310
Social StudiesU.S. HistorySS3313
Social StudiesGovernmentSS1110
Social StudiesEconomicsSS1111
Health & P.E.Healthy LivingEL2081
Health & P.E.Foundations of Personal WellnessEL2082
Health & P.E.Lifetime FitnessEL2083
Fine ArtIntroduction to ArtEL1086
Fine ArtArt History IEL4002
Fine Art3D Art I – ModelingEL5717
Fine Art3D Art II – AnimationEL5718
Fine ArtDigital Arts IEL5719
Fine ArtDigital Arts IIEL5720
ElectiveAudio EngineeringEL5716
ElectiveCareer ExplorationEL3401
ElectiveCareer Planning and DevelopmentEL4222
ElectiveOnline Learning and Digital CitizenshipEL3402
ElectiveComputer Applications – MS Office 2007EL4082
ElectiveComputer Applications – MS Office 2010EL3502
ElectiveComputer Science IEL5722
ElectiveComputer Science IIEL5723
ElectiveIntroduction to BusinessEL3501
ElectiveEngineering Design IEL5728
ElectiveEngineering Design IIEL5729
ElectiveIntroduction to Communication and SpeechLA1097
ElectiveIntroduction to Entrepreneurship IEL5724
ElectivePersonal FinanceEL3403
ElectiveStrategies for Academic SuccessEL1087
ElectiveOnline Learning and Digital CitizenshipEL3402
World LanguageMS Spanish 1WL9601
World LanguageMS Spanish 2WL9602
World LanguageSpanish IWL9603
World LanguageSpanish IIWL9604
World LanguageSpanish IIIWL9605
World LanguageSpanish IVWL9609
World LanguageChinese IWL9643
World LanguageChinese IIWL9644
World LanguageFrench IWL9613
World LanguageFrench IIWL9614
World LanguageFrench IIIWL9615
World LanguageGerman IWL9623
World LanguageGerman IIWL9624
ACT PrepACT Prep CoursesVT6001
GED PrepGED Prep CoursesVT6002
SAT PrepSAT Prep CoursesVT6003