Three Points Academy is tuned in to the unique needs of adopted children and the challenges they often encounter which can interfere with educational progress. Challenges like ADD, ADHD, and RAD—among others—create learning differences. These differences make it necessary for each student to learn and progress a different pace, rather than a ‘one solution for all’ approach.

Typically, our students struggle with hypervigilance - their amygdala and other areas of the brain geared for survival simply do not “turn off” as one would expect, and this results in an inability to learn and retain information. We understand this dynamic at TPA and believe that once we help a student to feel safe in our milieu, that student will reduce their hypervigilance, allowing the brain to utilize areas that will retain information and begin the learning process.

When students with learning differences aren’t learning at the pace best suited for them, they feel either overwhelmed and frustrated, or bored and unchallenged. On either end of this spectrum, the net result is a loss of interest in academics. Then, the inevitable drop in academic performance follows suit. Our goal at Three Points Academy is to custom-tailor learning to students’ individual abilities. Student-paced learning allows your child to accelerate their progress in courses they are strong in and take the extra time they need for more challenging subjects. This paradigm supports and re-engages the struggling student and maximizes their ability to learn, progress, and achieve. With this trajectory held as a constant, stepping stones to academic success are created, and traveled upon.

The Academy’s personalized system of instruction enables each student to take ownership in their academic experience. Trust, personal responsibility and self-empowerment is nurtured when students take charge of their own learning experience. Our certified teaching staff is dedicated to supporting our students with a custom-tailored curriculum and the most effective learning techniques, test preparation strategies and study skills. All of this, delivered in a therapeutic environment, ensures that students leave TPA empowered with knowledge, real-life skills, and most importantly, the confidence to pursue their passions and conquer their challenges—on both personal and academic levels.

TPA students gain confidence as their learning process improves and unfolds, and study skills and ability increase. This confidence fosters a more positive attitude toward academics, learning, and life in general.

Finally, our online curriculum follows the common core standards that have been adopted by nearly every state. All classrooms are maintained to a small size of no more than 9 students, allowing for maximum student-to-teacher interaction and permitting teachers and staff to address the diverse abilities of each student.

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