Focused on the Entire Individual.

Three Points Academy is a residential treatment school affiliated with Three Points Center, the residential treatment center for adopted adolescents who are struggling both personally and academically. Three Points Academy works with struggling adopted adolescents to help get to the root of the issues which are causing these barriers to success. Oftentimes, these are not directly related to academics, but more of a product of variables surrounding adoption.

Fully Accredited.

Three Points Academy (TPA) is fully accredited. Credits transfer easily to public and private schools, and those who complete the curriculum earn a high school diploma. Our therapeutic boarding school provides students an opportunity to gain real-life work experience in the community while continuing their studies. Our program offers a comprehensive approach that builds trust, integrity and character while providing students with a quality education in a beautiful natural setting that fosters restoration and growth. Our goal is to help our students heal in the most holistic manner, and ultimately diminishing the invisible barriers which interfere with their educational progress.