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Academically, Three Points Academy Is The Right Choice.

At Three Points Center, we understand and value education. The middle and high school program offered by Three Points Academy, our non-profit educational school, combines the flexibility of both a physical and a virtual classroom with the same recognized accreditation as a traditional school. Students receive one-on-one instruction by our licensed teachers, both in the classroom and online. The self-paced curriculum means students can finish courses on their own schedule. Our support staff is here to help when students have questions. We have partnered with Alta Independent Online's curriculum to help your student along the path to graduation.

Our high school is accredited through the Northwest Accreditation Commission, one of the six regional accreditation organizations that are used by public schools and accepted by colleges and universities throughout the U.S. Our team is here to help students earn an accredited high school diploma and we can create a graduation plan tailored to his or her schedule.


Fostering Personal Growth & Academic Achievement.


We offer excellence in our approach, focusing on the adopted individual as a whole. What sets us apart is that we understand the unique needs, challenges and barriers of adopted individuals and are positioned with the knowledge, experience, and staff of experts in the field to guide our students toward overcoming their unique challenges so that they can advance, achieve, and succeed.



Our peaceful home-like location fosters healing and focus, while empowering each student to thrive and achieve at a pace that works for the unique challenges of each student. Located in Utah’s vast natural beauty near beautiful red rock canyon lands, our personalized, holistic academic approach helps youth realize their potential in a nurturing, safe, family-like atmosphere.



“ I cannot say enough positive things about the staff and program at Three Points Academy. The program is unique, effective and gives us hope for the first time in a very long time that our daughter can have a successful, healthy life. Three Points has an open door policy and strongly encourages visits between parents, siblings, extended family and the students.”


Focused on the Entire Individual.